Pairwise Testing What It Is, When & How to Perform?

This study found no bugs that required more than a thoroughness of 6, a result that has stood the test of time. This is the reason why a thoroughness of 6 is usually the maximum considered. Pairwise testing usually requires some manual work to describe the thing that is to be tested.
The first step of pairwise testing is telling a pairwise testing tool what to test. We tell the pairwise testing tool what to test by creating a model of the software or hardware under test. Pairwise testing is probably applicable to testing your software or hardware system, and it will probably exercise the system to such an extent that it will uncover bugs. For example, performance testing and stress testing are testing problems that focus on other aspects than pairwise testing do. Pairwise testing is more focused on putting your system into varied situations, which is simple different than loading the system with work.
A tester analyzes the software to deduce the range of value pairs to test that will reveal the highest percentage of defects without wasting time. According to a paper published on Combinatorial testing, experimental data shows that nearly 60-95% of issues arise due to interaction between two parameters. Through Pairwise testing, if we test 2-way combinations, we can detect a high percentage of error. For a complex application, the outputs for the majority of the test cases may not be a single parameter but multiple factors like state transitions, input parameters, environmental factors, etc. Since the validation is run automatically each developer gets the results instantly. He or she is not dependent on any 3rd party systems, nor a functional consultant to run the tests.

  • When teams are deciding how much to test, tools allow testers to configure certain parameters to achieve a desired level of coverage with the fewest number of tests.
  • Pairwise testing ensures that testing resources are strategically allocated to the most critical aspects of the software, maximizing their impact.
  • Pairwise testing will put the software or hardware system into varied situations and is sure to explore other paths than those most familiar to a domain expert.
  • This should allow us further to assess resources and time needed for the project.

Pairwise testing is a black-box testing technique used to test the interactions between two input parameters of a software program. By testing all possible combinations of two input parameters, pairwise testing can identify defects caused by interactions between parameters while reducing the required test cases. The pairwise application can become less effective when parameters are applied unnecessarily. To thoroughly identify parameters and test sets, testers must possess good critical thinking skills, experience, and knowledge of the system and business processes being tested. Imagine an application that takes two numbers as input and generates their sum as the result.
Whether you’re in the process of developing web applications, mobile apps, or enterprise software, we offer tailored testing services designed to assist you in meeting your quality assurance objectives. Ultimately, the decision to automate pairwise testing should be a strategic one. Depending on the project’s complexity, resources, and objectives, automation can be a powerful ally. However, the human touch, with their intuition and adaptability, should not be underestimated. The sweet spot may well be a combination of both, leveraging the strengths of automation while retaining the expertise of testers to ensure robust and reliable software.

Real time example of Pair wise testing?

Once in the plan, the Inputs tab allows the tester to enter parameters and their values that they would like to test. Parameters and values are the indicators that change from test case to test case. The more parameters entered for a test plan, the less effective the tool becomes.
what is pairwise integration testing
As tools have advanced, pairwise has become more applicable by reducing the time it takes to define all the combinations and generate the test cases. There are a number of pairwise testing benefits and challenges within a software QA strategy. In today’s complex system of multiple devices, browsers, Operating systems and so many other variables, it may take years to test an application with a single input parameter. Pairwise can help us create better test cases with optimum effort without exhausting the system. Now let’s look into how to perform pairwise testing, step by step with an example of a bookstore.

Is pairwise testing better than manually making tests?

The tester’s skills for analysis and knowledge of how the application functions is crucial to determine what values or combination of values best test the app. In addition, there are testing patterns across the life cycle of an engagement in which a pairwise testing tool can help reduce testing effort and maximize coverage. When compared to orthogonal arrays, pairwise is more efficient and effective for software testing.
One approach used today is to use Excel with macros to define all the combinations, which is very time-consuming to create and doesn’t optimize. These redundancies get carried over to the test automation, thereby impacting the cost to automate as testers then have more scripts to analyze, automate and run. These parameters can include variables, settings, or options in the software. For people who don’t know much about it, testing can be like exploring a confusing jungle. It’s about understanding the nuances of state transitions, input variables, environmental conditions, and more.
what is pairwise integration testing
Pairwise tools not only provide you the optimized data combination but also have an analysis capability that visually shows the pairs and coverage percentage and allows you to adjust to see the impact. Next, consider where the pairwise testing technique fits in the software development lifecycle. Each time functionality changes, the new version of the feature can invalidate a testing value set. Evaluate if pairwise testing should occur during functional testing or regression testing.

Real-Time Example of Pairwise Testing

In studies (referenced below), it was studied how bugs — discovered by other means than pairwise testing — could have been found by pairwise testing. As the thoroughness of pairwise testing increases, it has been found that increasing amounts of bugs can be found. I one large study, it was found that for a thoroughness of 1, 2 and 3, the percentage of bugs that might be found was 50, 75 and 90%, respectively.

definition of pairwise integration testing

This defect would have been difficult to discover with traditional testing but is efficiently unveiled through pairwise testing. This information is crucial for the development team to rectify the issue, improving the customer’s shopping experience. Use a pairwise testing tool or software to generate the minimal set of test cases that covers all possible pairs of parameter combinations. These tools automate the process and ensure that you achieve the most efficient test coverage.
what is pairwise integration testing
Let me know what you think about the proposed approach and if you have any findings of your own. If the development environment doesn’t have enough configuration or master data it’s advisable to move the mapping to the Quality Assurance environment. In the QAS environment more extensive (from coverage standpoint) validation is conducted. As we can see in this example, the first 12 tests include more than 95% of the pairs.

Pairwise Testing is a type of software testing in which permutation and combination method is used to test the software. Pairwise testing is used to test all the possible discrete combinations of the parameters involved. For software that allows extensive customization, pairwise testing can help ensure that the most popular and critical customizations are thoroughly tested. An integration test is done to demonstrate that different pieces of the system work together. Integration tests can cover whole applications, and they require much more effort to put together. They usually require resources like database instances and hardware to be allocated for them.
what is pairwise integration testing
We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. Pairwise test design statistically optimizes the variations withing a process to maximize coverage with least number of tests, saving you time and money. Automation has been one of the capabilities that has been implemented to speed up testing.

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